Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On February 6, 2013 Elder Cheston Russell Gray entered the MTC in Provo, Utah, it was one of the hardest/happiest things our family has ever done.  His Uncle Brent called it Miserable Joy, and that was exactly what it was.

Packed and Loaded....Blue Team Move Out!!!
A little bit of time looking at memories before the "Last Lunch" at Grandma and Grandpa Gray's house. 

Grandpa famous "Smoked Ribs" for lunch. They are Elder Gray's favorite.

Our last family picture before we dropped Cheston off.  We were brave little soliders,
notice no tears...yet

Group Hug 
That was the longest sweetest walk of my life.  All the last minute things a mom needs to tell her son before she turns him over the Lord.
Yep Bud, all that luggage is going with you!!! Good Luck 
This was the first picture we got of Elder Gray, Sister Margene Johnson our inside source at the MTC sent this to us on the friday after we dropped him off.  It was like manna from Heaven.  That's Elder JD Allred, his MTC companion from AZ.  Sister Johnson informed us our "cute" boy was doing great and all was well. We also got our first letter that day, hand written and addressed to his mommy!! He is a cute boy, smart too!!

These are all photos that bless Elder Allred's heart that he has sent to his mom, Elder Gray has sent only emails no photos.  Thanks Elder Allred, your my favorite!!

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