Tuesday, March 11, 2014

i recovered the orginial email -- tender mercies

Another week came and went and small signs of progress came with it.
Yesterday our hours of effort was blessed with two new investigators that
both came to church. Their names are Arianne and Felicité.

      Arianne is an old investigator that Elder Bulunga and I abandonned
nearly three months ago because she never understood anything we ever
taught or kept any of the egagements that we left her with. Miraculously,
she called us up this past week and was able to tell us every detail of
everthing we'd ever taught.

      Felicité is an... experienced woman that has... been around the block
a couple of times. She had heard about the church while she was staying in
the Ivory Coast and is interested in what we have to say.

      The rest of the week was spent tirelessly trying to bring back the
bunches of inactive members that are in our sector. We're making small
amounts of progress; but something is better than nothing.

      Elder Brou is getting transferred to Calavi this Saturday and nobody
is happy. I'm going to miss him a LOT. The remplacement is Elder Indumbi
(<--- total guess with the spelling) He's from the Congo.

      All and all this week was pretty good. We're looking forward to and
hoping for more progress and good news next week!

-Elder Gray

This is what we would have gotten had Elder Gray not been able to recover the original email:


      I had a big giant detailed letter all typed out and fancy... but it got lost. I don't really know how.

      I'm gonna have to give a super fast and super simplified version.

      Elder Brou is getting transferred to Calavi and I'm super sad and going to miss him a whole lot. Elder Indumbi is going to replace him. He's from the congo.

      This week our efforts were blessed with two new investigators that came to church yesterday. Their names are Arianne and Mama Felicité. We were also able to bring two innactive members back to church for the first time is months.

      Progress is coming at a slow and steady pace. We're looking forward to and hoping for more good news next week!

Love you lots!

-Elder Gray

Pictures from 03/10/2014

Elder Gray and Elder Konduah
The Joker (Elder Brou) and Fere Lioc
No Power
Toothless in the church. 
(I am beginning to think Elder Gray has taken a liking to lizard things)
I hope he remembers the NO PET rule when he comes home

Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Week

Dear Family and Friends!
      Another week gone and gone. Time is going be really really fast. I can hardly believe it's already March! It's crazy.
      This week was kind of a let down when it comes to progress; but had a couple of highlights. To make a very long story short... lots and lots of lots of new investigators, old investigators, and inactives were taught. Lots and lots of lots of new investigators, old investigators, and inactives promised that they would come to church. And tots and lots of lots of new investigators, old investigators, and inactives didn't come to church.
       The language is turning out to be a bit of a difficulty for my new companion. He wants so much to be able to talk... but when it comes down to teaching he gets all shy and won't go for it. He's progress is a progress that nothing but time will help.
      The major highlight for the week was having the opportunity of attending a meeting with Elder Vinsen, of the 70's. His lesson really hit the nail on the head for the problems and difficulties that I've been having lately. Everything is moving. Everything is great.
       The gospel is restored and Heavenly Father loves us. I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week!
-Elder Gray

Rufus! !

That's right Elder Gray has a pet! 
Mom: Just exactly where was that thing hiding and please tell me it WASN'T on you!
Elder Gray:  I picked it up and put it on my shoulder.  It climbed around me and then stayed in my pocket for a while, I named it Rufus!
(That is why when Elder Gray comes home, NOTHING he brings home will be allowed in the house until it has remained outside in below freezing weather for an appropriate amount of time!)

Elder Gray has a Girlfriend (just kidding!)

Elder Gray and et sa cherie  Biyon (my dear/my sweet)

Pictures 03/03/2014

Elders Amoah, Konduah, and Adjeah (Ghananians)
Elders Allred and Landeen
Elder Brou showing off lunch
Elder Konduah

Special Delivery!

Dear Family!

      This week I got one of the biggest surprises of my mission. The
Assistants called me up last week and told me that I would be training
a new Elder from Tahiti. I was bummed that they were taking Elder
Bulunga away; but a little excited to train.

      When they stopped by on Sunday and took away Elder Bulunga they
told me that my new companion wouldn't be coming until Friday. I spent
most of the week working with a recent convert as a companion. His
name is Loïc. He's an awesome kid that reminds me a LOT of my favorite
Asian. We had a lot of fun and got quite a bit of work done.

      Friday rolled around and when the Office Couple dropped off my
new companion I received quite the shock when they told me he was from
Ghana. Ghanians speak English. Not French. His name is Elder Konduah.
(Kon-dwee-a) He's one of the first 18 year olds in the mission could
be THE first 18 year old African Elder. Maybe.

Elder Gray and Elder Konduah

      We've already experienced our first miracle. The other day we
found ourselves with a couple of minutes to spare and decided to do
some door to door. I went showed him a basic method and then asked him
if he was up to it. He picked a door and went for it. The guy living
in the small house was a Nigerian. Nigerians speak English! We taught
the first lesson like a couple of pros! It was kind of cool.

      Elder Konduah is an awesome guy that's super excited to be a
missionary and dying to learn French so he can spread the gospel. I'm
really excited to be with him.

    I love you all lots and lots and hope y'all have the bestest of weeks ever!

-Elder Gray

Special Delivery Pictures

Elder Gray and LeFrere Loic ( the Member boy that worked with Elder Gray while he was waiting for his new companion
 Elder Brou doing his laundry
Kids from the primary
Elder Brou out on the Balcony
Elder Gray and LeFrer Loic