Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh Yeah.....By the way I had Malaria

Dear Family,

      Things are going well and we're going to be running into a couple of changes here in Calavi. My companion Elder Rakotoarison is headed off to train Elder Jorgenson in Avotrou. Elder Yamapia is shipping off to Togo to train another missionary. Elder Gray will be training Elder Lukonga and Elder Seidl will be reunited with his trainee Elder Darou. That'll make two from America, one from the Ivory Coast, and one from the Congo.

     I guess I should at least mention the fact that the reason I wasn't able to come to the cyber last week was because of the fact that I was recovering from my first and hopefully last case of Malaria. Malaria = No Bueno. The Monday I mentioned I was sick was just the beginning. The next morning we went out to the sector and I got allll sorts of sick during a lesson. Luckily we were able to finish the lesson and hurry home before I lost my breakfast. That's when the fever kicked in and I was down for the count. Highest recorded temperature: 103.6 degrees.

     However, after a priesthood blessing and some good ol' malarial meds I was feeling lots better. Last Monday I was still feeling a little bit light headed, so we didn't make the trek to the cyber. This past week we went back into business and haven't had the slightest bit of a hiccup since. We were able to pound out a fair amount of lessons, and have Elder Rakotoarison visit/say goodbye to most of the members/recent converts in our branch.

     This week I don't really have tons of time here, all of the trainers have a meeting to go to later tonight. I hope y'all have the best of weeks!

-Elder Gray
**At least we know why we haven't heard from him this time - YIKES**

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