Monday, September 1, 2014

Hihi (A day late and we will take it!)

Last Monday the connection wasn't there so we weren't able to get anything sent home.  Last week was great!  We taught a lot of lessons and should have two more baptisms scheduled for this Saturday, hopefully I’ll have connection for more details on Monday. 

We've stopped by for a couple of minutes just to send off a quick “All is well” note. 
Yesterday Elder Seidl and I went on the lovely adventure to downtown Cotonou on the search for Mom’s nativity set and her spear throwing archer statue that the Semkens brought home.

Precious objects:  Acquired

I love y’all lots and lots! Talk to you next week!


**Finally after 18 months of serving this mission, Elder Gray has figured out that a letter from him no matter how short is like a life line, he sent this on Tuesday and we are so grateful, not to mention I am pretty excited that my nativity set and spear throwing archer has been acquired!!!

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