Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Hihi Everybody!

*sigh* Once again I apologize for the lack of power/connection that we
had last week. It's no fun to walk all the way over to the Cyber to
stare at a loading screen for a couple of hours and then loose power
altogether, but it makes things that much better when it works I

      Since the last time I was able to get a letter through we've
been busy little bees. We've been juggling tons of meetings, tons of
lessons, baptismal interviews, and getting up super early to tidy up
the church for the activities above for the past while. Yesterday
morning all the tiredness, stress, and lack of sleep finally caught up
to me and during the closing hymn of Sacrament meeting I checked
myself into the farthest away bathroom and lost my breakfast. I was
one week short of going nine-teen months without having to say "I just
threw up" in French. Nearly nine-teen months is a pretty good track
record though...

      Anyway. It hasn't been anything big, it's not ebola or malaria.
After the incident Elder Seidl took me home and we left our comps to
take care of the investigators for both companionships and I slept and
slept and slept and then slept some more. Today Elder Seidl
practically made me breakfast in bed and then I slept until we all
came out here for the cyber. I'm still just a lil' bit light headed,
but feeling tons better and we'll be fit for the field first thing

      Other than the slight hiccup of yesterday's incident the past
two weeks have been fantastic. We've been teaching like crazy. We're
hoping the potential investigators that we've found these past two
weeks will come to church this upcoming Sunday, and that the one that
was there yesterday will be able to make some good progress.

      Last Saturday was a HUGE day for tons of missionaries. There
were tons of baptisms and a collective marriage all held in our branch
building. After a long struggle full of patience, prayer, and more
patience; Mama Claire and her grandaughter Jorén finally accepted to
be baptized. I really wish I could send you pictures, but I'm still
looking for another card-reader. After the baptisms we went upstairs
and watched eight, yes EIGHT, couples marry themselves so they could
get baptised either later that day or the following Saturday. Tons of
members and missionaries were there from all over Benin and it was a
super cool experience.

      This Friday we're all looking forward to a meeting with Elder
Curtis, from the Quroum of the 70. I've already got some questions in
mind that I hope he can answer with his message, but we'll see how all
of that plays out.

      I love you all so so very muchly and hope you have awesome weeks!

-Elder Gray

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