Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hihi Everybody!

      Things are still going awesome! Elder Lukonga and I are keeping busy. We've been able to find two, yes two, families that have been waiting for the restored gospel. One of the Fathers came to church yesterday and promised to bring the rest of them next week. The other family didn't come because we taught them for the first time later last night. The last couple of lessons that we've given have been taught by the still small voice that testifies of this great work. It's been a very humbling experience.

      Our companionship is still as strong as any. I really love having the opportunity to work with Elder Lukonga. I wish I could say that things were going well with the entire household. Things shook down and we ended up having an emergency transfer. The President stopped by our house with the Assistants to pick up Elder Derou and ship him off for home. For the moment we're juggling two sectors in a threesome. Elder Seidl is doing his best to work with the Preisthood holders of the branch, but all and all it's been kind of a mess.

      Rumor has it that Elder Seidl is going to be shipped back to good ol' Cococodji to work with Elder Florion, who is is the same boat. That would leave Elder Lukonga and Elder Gray all by themselves. We'll keep you posted.

      Hopefully the photos I've been trying to attach make it!

      Have an awesome week!
-Elder Gray

Elder Lukonga

Elders Gray, Derou, Seidl, Lukonga

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