Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 I was lucky enough this week to catch my family this Memorial Day and was able to somewhat communicate with them through the miracle of the internet. (It was AWESOME!!!) I don't have a whole lot of time left here, but hopefully I can share a quick experience that'll open our eyes as to just how blessed we are.
      This week we received a contact from one of our investigators. Vincent is awesome. He's a man who was born with a deformed right foot, but supports his small family by being a taxi-motorcycle driver. I've already told Elder Pickering I've found his future career. 

      Anyway. He offered to help us his brother's family. It's a really good thing he was there. For those of you who don't know this the people here speak two languages. French and Fawn. Fawn in the tribal language that is found specifically in Benin. It's a completely oral language; nothing in written except for names. Nearly everybody here than can speak French can speak Fawn, but not everybody that speaks Fawn can speak French.

      While French is the language of love and is known for being eloquent and fluid.... Fawn is the exact opposite. I would describe it as baby babble. Very very angry baby babble. 

      Vincents family speaks only Fawn and it was very hard to communicate with them. They also live in the middle of nowhere and then past that. To give you an idea of how... I don't even know how to describe this... How... isolated(?) these people are I'll give you a small example.

      We asked them how old they were, just trying to get to know them, and their answer was they didn't know. They honestly didn't know. Then they asked US what month/year and if we could figure out their age for them because they knew their birthdays. 

      That's it for this week. I'm sorry it's not all that much/great. I hope y'all have an awesome week! :D 

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