Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm 98% sure I ate dog!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

BEST MOTHERS DAY EVER! ! ! After several hours of worrying and after receiving an email from Sister Semkens we were finally able to connect with Elder Gray.  It was wonderful to be able to  listen to him laugh and hear the excitement in his voice. 

Today was a banner day for the Elders in Cococdji.  After going  (and I quote) "all rage"on Pres. Weed they were able to make arrangements to have the first "Group" meeting in this new area.  A group meeting is the first step in getting a branch going.  There were 58 people in attendance. According to Elder Gray that number will only increase in the weeks to come because not everyone knew the meeting was going to happen.  How exciting to know Cheston is part of this amazing growth in Africa.

I ask him what his favorite thing to eat so far was and he said Foo foo (I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong) and fruit, his least favorite....nothing so far, even the fish heads were pretty good tasting just hard to know what it was.  Elder Mary told him that when he finds something he won't eat he has to call him. because apparently that may never happen.  Then he said, "Oh and I am 98% sure I have eaten dog, it sure wasn't beef!"  He said his health is great, he  faithful about taking his doxy (malaria) medicine and was excited to know that somewhere in his medicine cabinet I sent there were vitamins.  He ask for a few specific things for his next package, mostly sweets and said they were so glad to still have running water.

He sounded absolutely wonderful, happy, excited, and even broke into a little french now and then.  I couldn't have asked for a better conversation. 

There were many questions asked and answered today, but most of all my mommy heart felt peace.  I know that my son is where he is supposed to be, doing exactly what Heavenly Father needs him to be doing.  I am so proud of him and  how hard he is working. 

A big shout out to Elder and Sister Semkens for sending me the pictures of Elder Gray and the 1st Group meeting.  They are the best!!!


Love Mom

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