Monday, July 14, 2014

Pictures ! !

June 23, 2014

Hey Everybody, 
      Well. Things have finally settled down. I got a call from the Assistants just a couple of minutes after sending last weeks letter. I was shipped up north to the "Calavi University" sector. I replaced Elder Brou and will now be working with my beloved new malagash companion Elder Rakotoarison. (Raw-co-toe-are-ee-son. Co=coconut. Ee=T'ee'th.) I'm living with Elder Lalahariniaina (A.k.a. Elder Lala - He's a frenchie with malagashian parents) and Elder Yamapia (yuh-ma-pee-a. He's congolese). 
Good luck with the names!
Our sector is relatively new, and our Branch is only a couple of weeks old. 
Also.... Pictures!!
I'm still getting the hang of things in the new sector, but things have definitely turned around for the better. We're working 100% and having a blast. 
-Elder Gray
 Cleaning up the Church at Menontin
 Elder Garza and the Young Women in Menontin
 Elder Gray and Garza doing dishes in Menontin
 Elder Gray and the Youth from Menontin
 Elders Gray, Brou and Rakotoarisan

 Elder Gray and Elder Konduah

 Football Blister
 First time walking in grass in a year and a half !
 Four pounds of Chicken, Four Pounds of French Fries and probably Four Pounds of oil, salt, and ketchup....
Mashed Taters 'n Gravy

 Baptisms in Calavi
Elder Gray, Stanicias, Prince, and Elder Rakotoarisan
Sister Weed, President Weed, Elder Rakotoarisan and Elder Gray
**Sorry about the size of these photos, Elder Gray was having a hard time in the Cyber and this was the only size he could get them to download.  I was just grateful to have pictures, of any size.

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