Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Family! (and Friends)

Hey Family! 

      Well. I've been fiddling with the settings and sizes of the photos for the past forever. Hopefully they all make it through safe and sound and big enough to actually see anything. A quick summary of the photos...
1. Members, recent converts, missionaries, and investigators gathered for a good ol' game of Football. 
2. We scored
3. The aftermath of the football game and the basketball activity the following Monday. Words could not describe the horror of my face as I realised I would be walking around on those skinned piggies.
4. Elder Lala went home this week, Elder Seidl replaced him.
5. Crazy Primary. It's been a very interesting experience so far. We've learned how to sing "I'm a Child of God" and "Choose the Right". So far so good.


Things here are still going really well. My companion and I are still pounding things out and working hard. We ran into a slight hiccup with some of our progressing investigators, but thing'll work out. 
You guys are all awesome! Read your scriptures, say your prayers, do your best, the weasel runs at midnight, remember who you are and all that stuff. 

I love you all! 

-Elder Gray
The Team
**CAUTION! The next picture is N.A.S.T.Y! ! !***
Gross Toes after the games
Bye Bye Elder Lala
Primary children picture did not make it through cyber space....maybe next week

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