Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FINIALLY!! - - May 5, 2014

May 5 at 11:59 AM
Hey Family and Friends!

      This is Elder Gray finally checking in after a really really long time. Sorry about that. The connection here has been really really really really really really REALLY bad... I've been spending all of the computer time trying to read through all the good stuff y'all send, sending in pictures, and chatting with my parents. Mom and Dad everything right now. They've really been helping me out a ton.

      Anyway. Things have been shaken up and I've been transferred to a lovely place called Menontin. If you look up "Stade de l'Amitié de Benin Cotonou" you might be able to find our appartment. We're right behind it. If you can't find any actual pictures I'm super sure that you'd be able to find maps.

      It's kind of a trippy experience being in this branch because just over a year ago Cococodji was still a part of Menontin... which means that I already know a lot of the members. What is REALLY surprising is that a LOT of the members still remember me... which actually is helping us out a ton.

     These past couple of weeks our companionship has been showered by tender mercies in the beautiful form of contacts from the members that remember and trust Elder Gray. It's been keeping us busy and we always have things to do.

      My companion is Elder Tshibambe. He's from the Congo and lives up to their reputation. We share our appartment with Elder Garza; Del Rio, Texas and Elder Sery who comes from the Ivory Coast.

      These past couple of weeks have been super super exhausting due to the lack of electricity and the fact that it's always bloody hot.
No power = no fans = oven room = no sleep.
We've also discovered lively little friends who munch on just about anything and make TONS of noise. We caught one the other day! (See attached picture)

      Anyway. I hope y'all have the bestest of weeks! I love you!!

-Elder Gray
**Note:  I asked Elder Gray if his friend was the lone survivor or if there were others, he replied:  "Friends, Family and just about everyone and everything else!!!" 

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