Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 25, 2014 - - Yeah Pictures!!!

Elder Gray's Camera was stolen at the Pancake Activity and it took him a while to get another one, here are the first pictures from his new camera.  (Big thank you to Grandma Gibson for helping with the purchase!!!)

To young Men Elder Gray and Elder Lala Baptized: Auriol and Amos, their dad is now the Group President in Cocotomey
More friends from Cococdji, a recent conver, the Branch President Paul Dansou and Gladys.
Florimond Tossa, Elder Gray and Elder Milambo baptized her a year ago.  She is now in the Relief Society Presidency for the entire District. 
Elder Gray and Precious (Precisous is one of Elder Gray's favorite people in his mission, she works in the mission home and takes really good care of Elder Gray)
**It was a really neat experience for Elder Gray to attend an activity and meet people he had served with in previous areas.  So exciting to see them again and know that they are well and happy in the Gospel.

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