Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We received this letter from a member in Elder Gray's mission

Hi Sister Gray,
          This is Sister Precious Kazadi (you can just call me
Precious) I am a member in one of the Branches where your son Elder
Gray served. I am a Nigerian married to a Congolese, I have 7
wonderful kids. My Branch (AkpaKpa) was the last he served in before
he was transferred to Gbegamey where he is serving now.

You have such a wonderful son, we all love him so much especially my
youngest son Destiny, because he taught him a lot of tricks. They, the
Elders usually  assist in our Family Home Evening every Monday. We
always love having them there with us.

    I want to tell you something about him. He is a strong
hardworking boy, He is usually transferred to where its not working
and he always gets it going I mean the missionary work.

I teased him the last time he came to my house and we had lunch
together, He's always willing to help, but I tell you in the name of
helping me and my kids out in the kitchen, he kept spilling everything
all over the place, and almost broke things. I teased him and said to
him ''give me your mum's email address I need to write her and tell
her how helpful and at the same time destructive you are'' so he
willingly gave me your email address.

    Sister Gray, I tell you he is one of our efficient and favorite
missionaries here in Benin and Togo. Well I know this because, I work
in the mission Home and office and I can tell you about each
missionaries, and the comments the couple missionaries make about each
and everyone of them. Elder Gray is a young man loved and cherished by

      You are so blessed to have Elder Gray as a son, and I tell you
he is making you and your family proud here in his mission.
We miss him so dearly since he's been transferred, but fortunately for
me I get to see him from time to time at the office.

      Despite the fact that he spilled things in our house we still
love and miss him in my Branch.

I will talk to you again, its so nice knowing and writing you, I'm
sure you are a wonderful lady just like your son. My greetings to your
family. Bye.


**Note** Elder Gray said what Precious doesn't know is that when he spilled that stuff he actually cut his thumb really bad and was trying to clean up all the blood before she found out, "power outages have their advantage's" There are a few pictures of Precious and her family further down in the blog**

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