Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hi Hi

Transferes rolled around and Elder Gray was moved out of
Akpakpa and into his new area Gbegamey. ( Beg-a-may ) He's working
with the fantastically awesome Elder Bulunga. Forgive the informality
of this next little bit, but Elder Bulunga is a total boss. I don't
really have much else to say. He is an awesome missionary that teaches
with all the power and authority that us other missionaries hope to
one day obtain.

      This week has been the most efficient, most intense, and most
awesome seven days of my life. We hit up lessons like shooting rubber
duckies in a bathtub. Our week was FULL with lessons to teach, people
to serve, and activites to bring people to a better knowledge of the
gospel. Heavenly Father blessed us with the miracle of having nearly
every single one of our appointments go through, and for those that
didn't work out the back up plan did. We didn't have more than 15
minutes go by this entire week without knowing where we were going or
what we were teaching. It was fantastic.

      I hope you all have an awesome week! Love you lots!

                  -Elder Gray

Elder Bulunga, Elder Gray and Elder Maxwell

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