Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm not dead yet !

Hello everybody!
I guess I need to start off this letter with a big ol' apology. Round about here the internet doesn't like cooperating with the MyLDS servers. I don't know know much about the whole internet/server/connection thing; but it's all sorts of frustrating watching the interwebs cooperate with facebook, youtube, and just about every other site except for the only one you're allowed to use. Trust me. Not writing wasn't very fun. I basically stared at the spinning "loading" icon for who knows how long before we left for our evening appointment. 
I know I tend to just ship off short back and for conversations between my parents. I'm gonna try to do better with the whole "write a big email for everybody" thing. I hope y'all can forgive me. 
Anyway. There is lots and lots that've happened these past couple of weeks. I've been working with Elder Dagrou. I love him with allllllllllllll the love that my little heart can muster and then some. He's incredible. I have enjoyed every single second that we've spent together. It didn't take long before we were finishing each others sentences and knowing what each other was going to say/do before the other did. I can't believe it's already been almost four weeks with him. 
We've done WORK together. Our little group at Cococodji had a weekly attendance of about 70 when Elder Dagrou and I started working together. This past Sunday we broke the record with 112 people attending sacrament meeting. We've nearly doubled the original number in just a few months. We hope to start our very own branch this month. We're literally making church history.
I need to confess that I'm not all that great of a writer like my Dad. I've tried to adapt to his "say it how it sounds" style, but I can't ever make it sound right. I have a couple of random tidbits that I'm just going to toss in with short paragraphs. I can't really think of any fancy way to string them all together. Here goes nothing.
1. For starters I would like all nations, kindreds, tounges, and people to know that Hells Mascot has officially be slain by the oh so very courageous Elder Mary. There was much screaming, running, hiding, broom-whacking, more screaming, and finally MUCH celebrating once the horrifying beast was finally smitten. Yes. I have its picture.
2. My cooking levels have significantly improved. I knew I gained at least three or four levels allllll at the same time when Elder Gray had cut up all sorts of vegetables and other om noms in preparation for his famous "throw-whatever-is-in-the-fridge" sauce. The secret is adding a whole lot of tomato paste. This unfortunate Sunday night Elder Gray discovered the magical tomato paste was all gone. Let it be known that peanut butter makes a perfect substitute. Nobody has died of food poisoning yet. Yet. 
3. All the missionaries gathered together to play a game of basketball. I figured I wasn't going to be able to play all that much, and that I didn't like basketball much anyway, so I didn't bring shoe-shoes. I was rockin' the crockin's. I absolutely love my crocs.(Thanks Aunt Dori!!)  Anyway. All the missionaries showed up, not very many of them dressed up for the occasion. 
Long story short we started a pick-up game with some of the natives and some of the Elders. It was actually very enjoyable. Elder Kimzey and I compared it to churchball without all the arguing, fouls, and broken bodies. Everybody got a shot off, everybody shared the ball, everybody had a good laugh, and nobody took it too seriously. Elder Gray even put up a couple of points in his crocs. 
4. Last Sunday night Elder Gray was happily hiding from the heat by taking a cold shower when the bathroom door was nearly broken down by the other Elders in his apartment. Unexpected transferors mess with missionaries heads. Especially with the ones that are happy with the way that things are. 
We learned that my perfect other half is being transferred to Togo this Thursday. I've only ever felt a loss like that once before. Not the business. However, just like the first time, after praying for a small bit of comfort, and knowing that I'm not in charge, I know without a doubt that things are going to work out. He's going where he needs to go, he's going to be with who he needs to be with, and I still have lots of work to do here. 
I'm going to try to keep track of random bits like this throughout the week so I'll have something to share with y'all next week. I hope you all know that I love you so so so so so much and that I'm more than happy to be here. I know I'm where I need to be. I know everything is going to work out. 
Elder Gray :D 

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