Monday, April 15, 2013


hey everybody!
first of all the shift key is broken and that's why i won't be capitolizing anything. second of all the spell checker here is in french... so if you start to think that i'm not as learned as i oughtta be by now you're right, but i can't hide it anymore.
this week was fairly uneventful and full of a lot of work. i figure that's why it feels like it's been just a couple of hours since being here last week. during the course of the week we taught hours upon hours worth of lessons and have spent who knows how long filling out baptism paperwork for our investigators this saturday. if the heavens open up and we can make everything line up just right we could very well have thirteen of our investigators be baptised this saturday.

elder milambo and i have been more than busy giving the final lessons, collecting all of the information, and preparing two families and soeur chantale for baptism. normally doing this wouldn't be hard, but finding names and birthday of parents for people that don't really keep records or birthdays of their children is very difficult. another challenge is actually getting to their house to teach. it's almost an hour of walking one way through what i would describe as a jungle to get to family boko and tossa's village. it's abosuletly beautiful and totally worth every step.
this week has been so much better than the last week because we finally have water in our appartement. i'm pretty sure i heard angels singing when i actually used the shower in our bathroom. it was glorious.
friday night was probably the must frustrating night i've had since i've been away from home. all things considered was also one of the nights i've laughed the most.
the day had wrapped up and we had just got back to the appartment to find the plumber who was repairing the pump for our water. it was my turn to make dinner that night so i was excited to actually have water from the sink to help me with prepping/cleaning. after a couple of minutes the plumber had finished and we had water for the first time in two solid weeks.
i had just starting washing the chicken that was going to be used for dinner, happy as can be, and then the power died; and with it, the water too. not the business.
with a sunken heart i grabbed my flashlight and the bucket to go get the water from the well. once the food was going on the stove i finally had a bit to just chill... until the gas ran out. it was lots of fun finding a new tank and switching it out for the old one in the dark.

after all that dinner was finally ready and we ate in the darkness. that's when we heard it. something was scurrying around in our living room. (it wasnt the bug we saw last week. if we actually see that bug again i promise to get a picture of it. ) at first we thought it was a mouse, but when we finally got a light on it long enough we found out it was a lizzard.
for those of you at home might be thinking that's bizzare, but there are lizzards just about everywhere here. a lot. they're like the squirrel of benin except less cute and not soft. normally they take off when you get anywhere near them, but this one managed to find it's way into our appartement.
fumbling through the dark we locatated broom, mops, and whatever else we could use and played a good ol' game of whack a mole africa style. elders 1; lizzard 0. poor thing didn't stand much of a chance.
anyway. i think that covers everything for this week. upon closer inspection i found out that the computer here doesn't read most of the pictures on my SD card, but they're on there. i don't know what that's all about. next week we're going to find a different interweb place, we're not too pleased with this one. i'll try super hard to get more pictures out when i can.
i'm thinking that when elder christensen goes home after christmas i'll give him the sd card with all the photos i've taken/will take on the 32 gig i've got. he lives a couple of minutes from home so it won't have to be sent through the mail.

that's all for this week!
i love you all lots and lots and hope you have the best of weeks!
Love, Elder Gray

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