Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fish Heads, Fish Heads. . . . .

I wish I could say that I have another crazy story like last week, but I don't. I have a couple of interesting little things that can be mentioned, but to be honest this week wasn't all that exciting. Our time is spent walking, walking, teaching, walking, and trying to convince the President/mission office that we need a meeting house for our sector. Occasionally something else pops up. 

This week we had to say goodbye to Elder Kaudio. It turns out if you don't eat right and don't drink enough water while being out here you get sent home for some operation. I don't really know all the details, my French still isn't all that great.  

Anyway, onto more interesting subjects. This week had some interesting experiences that I think some of you might find amusing. One of them was experiencing the wondrous world of an air-conditioned store! It was the first time since being at Bowmans with my Mother that I bought something in a store like that. I walked in and didn't know what to do with myself. It was really nice not having to argue with people or prices... I even got a receipt! I'm now happily enjoying cheese and a large stick of salami. 

The other first for this week was eating with the members! It wasn't expected and we had to sacrifice another appointment because they didn't tell us we were eating with them until we tried to leave. Tricky little stinkers. It's horridly rude to refuse food here so we basically had no choice. It's also considered rude to not finish ALL of your food as well. If we had known what we were in for we wouldn't have ever come. 

Placed before me was a bowl of patt (basically flour cooked to the texture of play-dough) and a bowl of sauce. It wasn't half bad....until my companion nudged me and told me I needed to eat the fish. Looking around I didn't see any fish, just the four or five fish heads floating in my sauce. I kept eating the pat. He nudged me again, a bit harder, and again telling me to eat the fish "like this"; while taking a fish head of his own, breaking it in half, and then om noming the whole thing. Bones, eyes, brains, whatever else and all. I followed suit.  

Not many missionaries are going to have the same experiences that the missionaries here do, but no matter where we are we're here for the same purpose. We know we have the truth and we're here to share it. I know that's why I'm here and if I have to eat a fish head now and then so be it. That being said. Y'all are probably gonna have to wait at the airport a bit longer than expected. I'm probably going straight for Wendy's.  

I love you all and I hope you have the best of weeks! 

Love, Elder Cheston Gray

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