Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Last of the MTC Photos

Our cute angel in the inside sent us this email it was the last time she was able to see Elder Gray and Elder Allred,  Thanks Margene we love you!!

Hi Micah and Deena:

Here's the pictures I took of the two BEST missionaries in the MTC.........(as promised). They were having so much fun visiting with other Elders that I could hardly get their attention. I finally resorted to the word "brownies" and got their immediate full attention (along with the other elders! Last I saw them they were scarfing them down as they disappeared down the stairs.
They have now officially been trained on how to avoid mosquitoes in Africa and are back in the classroom listening attentively to their teachers and doing their "personal study" time.
They both report that all is well and said they would give all the details of the last week in the next letter.

I am flying to Arizona on Friday for a wedding so will not be back at the MTC until the 26th of this month. Sorry to desert, but I'll check on them when I return.
They are adorable young men and are enthusiastically embracing their new life as a servant of the Lord. THANKS for making that possible.

Love 'ya..........Margene

These Elders were spoiled

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