Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Week Bites the Dust

Another Week Bites the Dust

It's insane to think that another week has gone by already. Time is
really really flying here. It doesn't even feel like a day has gone by
and I'm already sitting here trying to come up with things to say.
Unfortunately I don't really have a whole lot to write about because
we haven't been making huge progress. Our small amount of
investigators are still fighting their on-going battle to come to
church. When we aren't teaching investigators, we're strengthening
recent-converts. The small amount of time that we don't have planned
out to teach people is spent trying to find them.

This past Thursday all the missionaries in our zone gathered in an
area that was struggling to find investigators and did a
door-to-door/contacting marathon. It was a lot of fun and we actually
had quite a bit of success. I'll hopefully have an update on that next

On a more interesting note.... Sacrament meeting this week was ALL
sorts of messed up when Elder Gray found himself sitting in front of
the piano whacking away at the keys. It was kind of fun. (No; I still
don't regret NOT taking piano lessons)
 (Mom is feeling all sorts of "I told you so right now)

It turns out that Elder Gray will be the branch pianist until we
receive a more qualified meistro. (by qualified I mean ANY experience


Hopefully things will be a bit more interesting this next coming week.

I love y'all lots!

-Elder Gray

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