Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 -- Last Letter from Elder Gray in Benin, Africa

Hey Everybody,

      Well. I based on my luck these past couple of weeks I'm just
going to assume that this is going to be the last email that I'm going
to be sending as a missionary. It's pretty surreal... I can't believe
it's already almost over.

      These past of weeks we've been working like total champions.
We've been having loads and loads of success and have been blessed
beyond what we possibly could have hoped for. Many of our
investigators opened up to the spirit and have made life-changing
decisions to follow Christ. We've been spending countless hours with
our branch leaders and things have come together piece by piece.

      When I first arrived here in the middle of June the branch of
Calavi had around 15 to 20 people who came to church every week. Last
week, and for the past couple of weeks, we've had around 60. I
consider myself super blessed to be able to have witnessed the miracle
that has happened here. Forgive the lame example; but I'd describe
Calavi like working in my Mom's garden back in my childhood. In the
beginning we spent what felt like eternities trying to keep the stupid
things from dying and making absolutely zero progress. Then one day
you'd go outside and find that little green tomatoes are EVERYWHERE.
After that it was just a matter of finding which ones were ripe.

      I have learned many a lesson and one of them is realizing how
little I actually know. I've come to rely and recognize the Spirit and
lean on the atonement of my Savior. Words cannot describe his love for
each and every one of us. Despite all the setbacks, frustration,
failures, and exhaustion I would never trade this experience for
anything ever offered in exchange.

      Worth it.

-Elder Gray

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