Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Round Two - Malaria

Hey Everybody,

      Sorry about last week, we weren't able to get anything though. To be completely honest these past couple of weeks have been kind of frustrating. Most of last week was spent trying to diagnose the big toe on my companions right foot. He messed it up really bad and it got all sorts of swollen and gross. We had to keep him off of it as much as possible, take him in for x-rays, and blah blah blah. Needless to say it made for a very long week. ( I've sworn into secrecy that I would tell anybody HOW he almost broke it. I'll give huge hints by telling you it had something with him trying to prove he could do a front flip over the couch....)

      The results came back with good news. He didn't actually break his toe! Yay! We were able to be out and about for a couple of hours before it was my turn. I got allllll sorts of woozy and the slight headache I'd been feeling for the couple of days before exploded into what became a nasty round two of the lovely sickness we call Malaria. These past couple of days have been awful.... Malaria is no fun. No me gusta.

      Other than trying to recover from random illnesses and filling in our blanked schedules from the small windows of health that we have had, things are coming along. Elder Rakotomananaand Elder Joseph had a baptism last Saturday with a girl that Elder Lukonga and I had found and taught while it was just us two alone. When the others showed up we passed her and her friends off and they've been doing well. Her friend Thomas picked out the 29th for his own baptismal service.

      Hopefully we'll have better and brighter news next week! Love you all!

-Elder Gray
A couple of pictures:

Elder Gray (What a good looking missionary)

Yet another use for the all mighty Duck Tape!  MOUSE TRAP!!

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