Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blue Team Checking In


We had a couple of appointments fall through and we found ourselves
with a couple of minutes to kill before we needed to go home. I was
able to read through some of the emails.

Things have quieted down and smoothed out with the companionship.

The whole Ebola thing really isn't all that big of a deal... don't
worry about it. The President has been keeping us up to date on it and
we've gotten "sanitary intstructions" from church security to follow.
It's pretty simple. Don't touch dead/dying people and wash your hands.

We're headed out right now, so I won't be able to see anything until
next Monday. Love you!

-Cheston (AKA. . . Elder Gray!)

**Since we haven't heard from Elder Gray since the 28th of July and then it was only the previous shown random pictures we were VERY excited to get this little tid bid of information the day after P-Day**

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