Monday, March 3, 2014

Special Delivery!

Dear Family!

      This week I got one of the biggest surprises of my mission. The
Assistants called me up last week and told me that I would be training
a new Elder from Tahiti. I was bummed that they were taking Elder
Bulunga away; but a little excited to train.

      When they stopped by on Sunday and took away Elder Bulunga they
told me that my new companion wouldn't be coming until Friday. I spent
most of the week working with a recent convert as a companion. His
name is Loïc. He's an awesome kid that reminds me a LOT of my favorite
Asian. We had a lot of fun and got quite a bit of work done.

      Friday rolled around and when the Office Couple dropped off my
new companion I received quite the shock when they told me he was from
Ghana. Ghanians speak English. Not French. His name is Elder Konduah.
(Kon-dwee-a) He's one of the first 18 year olds in the mission could
be THE first 18 year old African Elder. Maybe.

Elder Gray and Elder Konduah

      We've already experienced our first miracle. The other day we
found ourselves with a couple of minutes to spare and decided to do
some door to door. I went showed him a basic method and then asked him
if he was up to it. He picked a door and went for it. The guy living
in the small house was a Nigerian. Nigerians speak English! We taught
the first lesson like a couple of pros! It was kind of cool.

      Elder Konduah is an awesome guy that's super excited to be a
missionary and dying to learn French so he can spread the gospel. I'm
really excited to be with him.

    I love you all lots and lots and hope y'all have the bestest of weeks ever!

-Elder Gray

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