Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Febuary 17,2014

Dear Family and Friends!

      Transferres rolled around this past week. Elder Bulunga got
shipped out to Avotrou to work with Elder Allred. He's going to be
missed a whole lot by me and by the Branch. Elder Gray is going to be
working with Elder Brou and Elder Rasolonantenaina.
(Ra-solo-nan-toe-nine) until this Friday. I'll be working with Elder
Florion; a new Tahition Elder fresh from the MTC. Me gusta!

      This last week was kind of busy. We did quite a bit of teaching,
a mangez-vous with Elder and Sister Semken, Zone Conference, and
getting ready to ship Elder Maxwell off for the home land. Elder
Bulunga and I taught like madmen this past week. So so so so SO many
first lessons were given to so many different people... but with the
every heartbreaking result of not having a single one of them come to
church. It's been really frustrating.

      *** Warning. The rest of this email contains a really really
cheesy experience. ***

      After feeling uber frustrated because of the lack of success and
the lack of progression this past week I decided to pray. It was a
really really random prayer. Nothing crazy. Nothing extra-ordinary.
Just a prayer. I told my Heavenly Father how I felt and asked for

      When I finished the prayer I started looking through a really
old Liahona. I stumbled across across the picture of Abinidi in Kind
Noah's court.

Somebody asked "Which one is Alma?".
I replied "What do you mean".
He asked again "Which one is Alma?"

      That's when I understood. All at once my prayer was answered.
I'd realized we'd done our best and that's all we needed to do.

      Anyway. I love y'all and hope everybody has a fantastic week!

-Elder Gray

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