Monday, November 4, 2013

Just another week

Hey Everybody,

     I don't have a whole lot of time today so this is going to be a really short letter. This week was super busy. Our apartment ended up winning the cleanest apartment contest so we got to go out to eat with the Senior Couple Semkens. It was lots of fun and it was REALLY yummy. Two chawaramas can make a man very very happy.   Friday we had our Zone Conference. I picked up quite a bit about the importance of humility and companionship study. Hopefully our companionship will be able to apply everything we learned.

    Sunday was really interesting. We finally had the opportunity to watch general conference... unfortunately the discs weren't super compatible with the DVD player that we had and we were only able to get through a couple of talks.

Conference summary: Everybody needs their own testimony, stop messing around and get married and raise your family in righteousness, no two people will ever have the same experiences, and the scriptures are written for us.  After conference we watched a solar eclipse.  (Be VERY jealous Sister Schiess :P) It was super awesome.

     Anyway. That's about it for the week.


-Elder Gray

Elders eating after Zone Conference

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