Monday, September 30, 2013

Notes from Mom

On September 3rd worried sick I finally broke down and wrote Elder Semkens, heres my email and his response:

Dear Elder Semken,

I have tried really hard not to be "that mom" but I need to bother you for a favor. It has been since the 19th of August (and even that letter was only a 3 liner) since we have heard from our dear sweet Elder Gray, and I am slightly (ha ha) concerned. I know that there are several different reasons why he would be unable to send a letter home, and I have tried really hard not to over react.

If you get a chance could you please check on him for me? If it is indeed power or cyber related I will apologize in advance and will try harder next time to be more patient. If it is because he is sick or some other reason I will try to have more faith; if it is because he is just trying to make me crazy and push my buttons, you have my permission to beat him :)

I know you are always very busy doing the Lord's work and I hate to bother you, so again I am super sorry, but very grateful that you and your sweet wife are there to take care of our son.

Have a good day, and again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Just knowing I can ask someone to check on him is a great comfort.


Deena Gray

4 Sept 2013
Sister Gray,
He is doing very well. I saw him on Tuesday and he will be in the office on Thursday. He and Elder Maxwell are still running regularly. Unlike most missionaries he hasn't lost any muscle nor weight. I will ask him a question or two which should prompt him to write next Monday. Even though they have been busy on P-Day the past two weeks he should take a minute or two to write your family a note. As you know, to him, "every day is the greatest day of his mission". That is a good thought to have.
Frequently the missionaries think that they are saying the same thing over and over again, but miss the point that just because they are engaged and are doing just fine people back home want a hello at least.
The President does get a letter from every missionary every week and he DOES read every letter very carefully. The mission president does have very special keys and has the mantle of his calling upon him.
I am certain that he is grateful for your thoughts and prayers.
Elder Semken

Bless Elder Semken.  I was sure we would here from him on Monday, BUT nope, nothing, zip.  Another long week and then we finially heard from our dear sweet Elder Gray.

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