Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello Everyone,

      I guess I have to start off this letter with an apology. I haven't really been doing a very good job of keeping y'all up to date with what's happening. Things feel like they haven't changed at all. I'm still goin' stormin' mormin style and having the time of my life in Cococodji. Anything remotely frustrating is immediately turned into something insignificant when I remind myself that I'm a missionary in Benin. All I have to do to be happy and smile up a storm is look around.

      I've recently experienced my first transfer and I'm now working with Elder Dagrou. He's an awesome companion and a fantastic missionary. It's been a bit weird being the one choosing where we're going and knowing how to get there. Showing somebody a sector and having to explain who everybody is, what their problems are, what we need to teach, and where they live in French was a very interesting experience. It's worth mentioning that Elder Dagrou is known amongst the missionaries for speaking really really fast. It's oh so very true. I'm excited to experience a huge spike in language learning as I grow accustomed to auctioneer-style French.

      Anyway. Our little seed/group that meets in our apartment complex is quickly growing and we've received news that it could very well sprout into its own branch within the next three to four weeks. I'll keep you posted, but until then it just means lots of work for us. 

      We've established an "every-other-monday-match" type of thing with the recent converts and their friends here in Cococodji. This morning we walked a good mile and a halfish to a big patch of dirt, dragged rocks to each end for goals, and played our hearts out. I finally have my first missionary blister! It was lots of fun, but I've discovered that soccer is NOT my sport. It's no fun getting owned by random seven year old kids that could take me with their feet tied together. 

     Anyway. The work is moving. Progress is being made. I'm super happy to be here and I love being a missionary. 

      I love you all and hope y'all have a fantastic week! 
                         -Elder Gray

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